Areas of Practice

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We represent clients charged with Federal or State criminal offenses (Felonies and Misdemeanors). Our office will assist you in understanding the criminal process from beginning to end. Learn what to expect during the process and what consequences you may face.

Our office handles all types of criminal offenses, including but not limited to, Alcohol and Drug Offenses, Driving While Impaired/DWI, Assaults, Domestic Violence, and Larceny.


White Collar Crimes involve nonviolent conduct and are usually financially motivated. We have extensive experience representing persons charged with embezzlement, extortion, obtaining property by false pretenses, larceny by employee, corporate malfeasance.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable regarding traffic laws and their affect on your driver’s license and insurance. Never “pay off” a ticket without consulting an attorney regarding the consequences.

Our lawyers can help resolve tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and North Carolina Department of Revenue. If you are subject to an audit, lien, or levy we will attempt to resolve the matter.

Our attorneys can represent you in a variety of real estate issues including acquisitions and sales, farm and ranch purchases and sales, land divisions and partition sales of jointly owned property, leasing, purchase and loan closings for residential, commercial and farm transactions, and other real estate matters.

If you do not have a will, your assets will be distributed according to North Carolina law instead of your wishes and desire.

If you do not have power of attorney, who will sign legal documents for you if you are not able, or do you want your family to incur the expense of court proceedings to appoint someone?

Let us help you with the preparation of your will, living will, powers of attorney – (general, limited, or health care) and we can also assist the family with the administration of an estate.


If you have been injured at the workplace or otherwise on the job, you need to contact an attorney immediately to be sure that there has been proper notice to the employer and the necessary claim filed with the North Carolina Industrial Commission to preserve your right to compensation. Contact us if you have been seriously injured so we can assist you with your workers compensation benefits.

Let us assist you if you have been involved in an accident involving serious bodily injury resulting from automobile, bus, transfer truck, or other transportation accidents or other bodily injury situations.

We have extensive experience in the formation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other business entities. We assist by drafting Articles of Incorporation or Organization and filing with the Secretary of State and drafting bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements and organizational or annual minutes. Once your business entity is formed, we can provide guidance on the rules, regulations and statutes governing compliance and business relationship matters.