About Our Firm


In January, 2000, two well established Pitt County law firms merged to form Everett & Hite, LLP. In the 1940's the firm of Everett & Cheatham was founded by Clifton White Everett, Sr. in Bethel, North Carolina while the firm of James & Hite was established by Dink James and Kenneth G. Hite in Greenville. The combined firms have devoted over 175 years to providing quality legal services to the people of Pitt County and neighboring counties. The present and former firms have produced four judges, one State Bar President, officers in the Pitt County Bar Association and the Third Judicial District Bar and officers in other professional associations.

The law firm of Everett & Hite, LLP consists of three attorneys complimented by a skillful staff. The attorneys have an extensive and recognized practice in criminal law, traffic matters, real property, business and corporations, decedent estates, wills, workman’s compensation and tax disputes. Our attorneys keep abreast of new developments in the law by attending workshops and seminars in continuing legal education. The present firm has practiced in all state courts, the United States District Court, Eastern District and in the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.